Irish Spuds and Steak Olympians Make!

Olympics 2016

We have long been saying that the  quality of Irish produce  rivals the best in the world. And we now know it fuels two Irish athletes  who are among the best in the world! 

Olympic Silver medal winning rowers Gary and Paul O'Donovan have done more than just promote the sport of rowing at Rio 2016. They've also done their bit for real Irish food. 

Coming from  Lisheen, near Skibbereen in West Cork, the boys were reared on good honest food produced from  the fields around their home. During an interview after qualifying for the final, the pair famously spoke about enjoying plenty of steak and spuds, spurring the brilliant t-shirt slogan 'Shteak, Spuds and Pull Like A Dog', the latter in reference to the rowing technique which got them each a silver medal! Just one of the legendary and unforgettable quotes these boys have provided us with during their time in Rio. 

Lough Hyne, near Skibbereen, West Cork

In this video clip for the Irish Examiner on Facebook prior to the Olympics, the O'Donovan brothers talk about the good old fashioned home cooking of their 'Nana' who lives in Ballincollig, close to Cork City. 


The boys' grandmother has been feeding the pair up after training. They speak with fondness about  her great homemade soups, which warm them up after winter sessions on the water. And they rave about Nana's Sunday Roast Lamb, which is their favourite and they're not giving away the recipe to anyone! They even hint there might be a new career in food production ater they’ve finsihed rowing! 

Superlative quality local steak, tasty spuds grown close to the Atlantic Ocean, and their grandmother's home cooking has brought these boys from West Cork to Rio. Winning silver in the Olympics is no mean task, down to hard work, commitment, dedication to their chosen sport, and obviously, some good grub in their bellies! 


Steak & Potatoes

The whole of Ireland is immensely proud of Gary and Paul. No doubt our Skibbereen members Kalbos and The Church Restaurant will be highlighting West Cork 'shteak', and new season Kerr Pink spuds on their menus, in time  to greet the boys when they return home! 

We offer Gary and Paul our heartiest congratulations on their amazing achievement. We say a very big well done for putting Ireland on the Olympic medal table. And finally, a huge thank you for being outstanding Olympian ambassadors for the great food of Ireland! O'Donovan brothers, we salute you!! 


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