Five Great After School Dinners

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Yes…it’s time to get organised again as the kids get back to school. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay at home or working parent, after school routines are essential. With homework and family eating time to fit in around some quality down time, bath time and hopefully an early bedtime for the school goers, evenings can be the most exhausting part of the day. 

Midweek meal times are the bane of every parent’s life. Especially after many long weeks of having no strict routine during the summer. It’s hard to get back into the swing of it! We’re here to help with some meal ideas for family eating. In most cases, they can be prepared in advance and be ready to reheat when you get home. These tasty offerings from our recipe bank work for families who like to sit down together for a meal, as well as for those who prefer the kids to have their dinner as soon as they arrive home from school ravenous. With a little advance thinking and portioning, you can have it on the plate in no time.

Janet’s Just Delicious Family Hot Pot

A gorgeous warming dish perfect for hungry schoolkids, from Janet’s Country Fayre. This Hot Pot recipe uses a minced meat of choice (beef, lamb or turkey), flavoured with a jar of Janet Drew’s latest Janet’s Just Delicious Basil and Roast Garlic Pasta Sauce to add depth of flavour. Sneak a few veggies in there also with carrots and celery, onion and potatoes. A meal in one pot. How easy is that?! 

Meatballs Charred Aubergine with Lemon and Thyme 

This dish is brilliant for families with older kids or teenagers. The aubergine and tomato passata adds a Mediterranean feel to the first days of the new school year. And the handy thing about this recipe from The Butler’s Pantry is that it makes a double batch, so you can freeze half for another meal. Genius! 

Meatballs, Charred Aubergine, The Butler's Pantry, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Chicken Paprika Potato Bake 

As new season Kerr Pinks make their appearance in the shops, this is the recipe to use them for beautiful fluffy mash. From the kitchens of Donegal Rapeseed Oil comes a delicious family friendly supper. Chicken is cooked in a rich sauce with tomatoes, paprika, garlic and onion, then topped with cloud like mashed potatoes and baked till golden brown and crisp on top. Totes yummy, as the kids would say! 

Macaroni Cheese 

Nursery food at its absolute finest! Will deffo please the smallies of the family as THE dish to dig in to when they get home from school. Adults can dress it up with a lovely seasonal salad, good bread and a glass of red wine, to serve later in the evening when the house is quiet! From Mossfield Organic Farm, this recipe includes award winning cheese made from the organic milk of Ralph Haslam’s own cows. So you know exactly what they’re getting. Learn how to make your Macroni Cheese dish here. 

Shepherd's Pie with Ballymaloe Relish 

The relish makers at Ballymaloe Country Relish certainly know how to spark up an old family favourite with this Shepherd's Pie recipe! A traditional mix of minced lamb flavoured with herbs cooked in good stock gets a kick from the fruity addition of this famous relish. Top the whole lot with mash and you’re onto a winner! 

Ballymaloe Shepherd's Pie, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

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