Fancy Dinner and a Festive Movie with Good Food Ireland?

Festive Movie Favourites with Good Food Ireland, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

It might be a cliché night out, but dinner and a movie is still a treat for most people. Who can argue with the chance to enjoy some great food and wine, before settling down to watch a blockbuster on the big screen? As nights out go, it’s one of the top picks, whether you’re out with colleagues, your other half or your besties. 

This classic combo gets even better at Christmas, when you add festive favourite films and a bit of indulgent luxury to the mix. How about the option of dining on a feast of local foods, followed by a Christmas movie -  shown in a private cinema? Now you’re talking.


Brooks Hotel lies in the heart of the Cultural Quarter of central Dublin. So, it makes total sense that this boutique hotel would have its own private cinema. Generously sized leather pulman seats to sink into, plush carpet underfoot - this boutique cinema cocoons a small audience in complete opulence. As Christmas approaches, Brooks are delighted to announce the cinema will run six screenings of favourite Christmas movies in December. 

Brooks Hotel, Dublin, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Pick your movie and date then choose from three movie and food packages. 

•    The Opening Scene includes Mulled Wine and Mince Pie on arrival, freshly made popcorn and cinema admission at €25.00 per person. 
•    The Plot Twist includes a main course in the Jasmine Bar, freshly made popcorn and ticket to the cinema at €28.00 per person.  
•    The Grand Finale, at €44.00 per person, pulls together a superb two course feast in Francesca’s Restaurant before enjoying cinema admission with fresh popcorn. 

Movies titles include 
•    The Polar Express showing on 1st and 14th December,
•    It’s a Wonderful Life on 8th and 19th December
•    Elf on 6th and 12th December. 

Take your pick and book your tickets now!  

Brooks Cinema is also available for private hire and events. It can accommodate up to 26 people for birthday parties, festive parties and corporate functions. Bring your own DVD of a favourite film, your home movies or holiday slide shows, to enjoy with fresh popcorn.  

Brooks Hotel, Dublin, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland


Fancy a four course Christmas Banquet in a gorgeous restaurant before reclining in a cosy private cinema? Look no further than The Bushmills Inn! This historic inn turned luxury hotel in the village of Bushmills, home of Bushmills whiskey, has the deeply plush red velvet seating and intimate surroundings of The Still Room Cinema, in which to enjoy a Christmas movie. 

Bushmills Inn, Hotel & Restaurant, Northern Ireland, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Film titles include some absolute biggies of the festive silver screen. 
•    It’s A Wonderful Life shows on 30th November, and 7th December (21st December already booked out!) 
•    The Holiday, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, is screened on 4th and 14th of December. 
•    Classic Bing Crosby’s White Christmas shows on 6th December. 
•    Will Ferrell’s Elf comes to town on 11th and 18th December.  
•    The unmissable Miracle on 34th Street wows audiences on 13th December
•    Dark Christmas comedy Bad Santa finishes the festive programme on 20th December.  

The Still Room Cinema festive movie deals are open to adults aged 18 and over. A Christmas Banquet Package, at £42.50 per person, includes 4 course dinner, cinema admission and complimentary popcorn.  

The Still Room boutique cinema is also open for private events, with Christmas Movie and Cocktails or Girl’s Evening with Cocktails and Classic Movie among the themed ideas available. If you fancy booking your crowd in for a festive party, contact the hotel directly for more details. 

Bushmills Inn, Hotel & Restaurant, Northern Ireland, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

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