A Day at Bluebell Falls Farm, Co. Cork

Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese

If you want to know what life is like on a real goat farm making beautiful fresh goat’s cheese, look no further than this little video. It captures a day in the life of Bluebell Falls Farm, as we watch Victor O’Sullivan tending his goats. 

Life on the farm looks absolutely idyllic, deep in the North Cork countryside. All you can hear is the sound of birdsong as Victor checks on his girls, a mix of goat breeds known for excellent quality milk production and yield.

Bluebell Falls Farm, Co. Cork

These lucky ladies are free to roam around the land on the farm, grazing on rich grassy pasture with lovely nibbles from wild flowers and hedgerows. All this makes a huge difference to the milk produced, infusing it with the fresh flavour of the countryside.

The video shows Victor collecting his goats from their pasture to bring in to the parlour for milking. The ladies skip happily along the road behind him. He really has them well trained! After milking, the milk travels all the way from the milking parlour next door - straight into the cheese making vat. No food miles here! 

Bluebell Falls Farm, Co. Cork

Bluebell Falls is a young fresh goat’s cheese, made by hand by experts in the dairy. It’s brilliant as a base for pates, to spread spread on crackers, to serve as part of a salad, or for cooking in a goat’s cheese tart. 

Bluebell Falls Farm, Co. Cork

And now you’ve seen it made, you know there is nothing that goes into this cheese other than love and passion for farming, and expertise in cheesemaking. Now we think that’s something very special indeed! 

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