Date Night in Galway City

Galway City, Ireland

It’s Friday night, folks! Grab your other half. Grab a coat. Grab a date night in Galway! The vibrant City of Tribes knows how to do it when it comes to providing a great night out for loved up couples. There’s a choice of Good Food Ireland restaurants to enjoy, from Michelin starred to casual chic Italian dining, before pints and some live music at one of our most historical old Irish pubs. 

Pick your place to eat from this little clutch of dining rooms which focus on the foods of the locality, albeit in very different ways. 


Enda McEvoy’s Loam is a utilitarian space which welcomes new and old faces alike. The contemporary interior lets the food shine. Enda has created a dining experience which pleases diners across the board. From the well travelled culinary connoisseurs to those who love to eat out when they can and want to experiment. 

Enda McEvoy, Owner/Head Chef Loam Restaurant

Loam is not about standing on ceremony in reverence to its Michelin star. It’s about feeding people in a stylish way, introducing them to the many aspects of local food and letting the ingredients tell their own story. You may find a homage to carrots in one of the courses, or a plate of seasonal seafood singing with fresh unique flavours as part of your meal.


The Loam experience reveals what can be done with good ingredients right there on the plate where it counts, rather than fancy descriptions adorning a fussy menu. Book your table for two for your date night and allow your tastebuds to be titillated in a very sophisticated way, in a friendly dining room where welcoming and efficient service plays a key role in the evening. 

Loam Restaurant, Galway

You’ll start with the chef’s ‘snacks’, before cruising through a delicious tasting menu that reveals lots of surprises! And maybe get to meet the chef as he does his rounds of customers later on in the evening. Enda is a hands on chef who likes to stay in touch with his customers. All feedback is welcomed! 


Aniar, Galway’s first Michelin starred restaurant is home to a chef who has made his mark in the wider world of food. J P McMahon is a champion of local specialities, successfully bringing the city of Galway to the attention of the international food world throughvarious events. 

JP McMahon, Aniar

Including his own Food On The Edge conference which attracts big global names in guest chef and food expert speakers. The dining room at Aniar reflects the muted colours of the ocean and skies, with non fussy furnishings providing a platform to showcase the best of local ingredients. 

Aniar is a ‘terroir’ based restaurant, which means its aim is to focus on the foods of this immediate region, blessed with seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, a cornucopia of foraged and wild ingredients, and consciously farmed meats and poultry. 

Aniar, Galway

JP is a well travelled chef, always open to new ideas and willingly spending his free time in kitchens across the world, working alongside big names like Rene Redzepi of Noma in Denmark and Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. From these trips he gains inspiration and takes influence. His food is full of surprises. You never know what combos of flavours or ingredients will arrive on your plate. But you can bet they will be delicious. Aniar is a super place for a date night, where the romance of real food, exquisitely presented, keeps true love alive on each plate! 


There’s no race more romantic and passionate than the Italians. They are known for their love of love! So you can cosy up in Il Vicolo amid the atmospheric and rustic surroundings of one of Galway’s oldest buildings, to enjoy a candlelit date night led by wonderful Italian food. 

Il Vicolo, Galway

Gerry McMahon is Jp McMahon’s brother and also a restaurant owner. Il Vicolo began as a small casual eaterie with a handful of tables in a different  venue in Galway. As demand grew, a move to this stunning building was necessary. Diners can enjoy an array of Italian dishes which use Irish meats and local seafood.


Pastas and Risottos are influenced by local ingredients like fresh shellfish, Galway goat’s cheese and Irish wild mushrooms. Meats include a massive 9oz Irish aged striploin steak. You’ll find Italian classics and modern creations side by side. Marry your meal with a consciencously chosen ltalian wine from the well constructed wine list, many served by glass. 

Il Vicolo, Galway

Gerry travels in Italy to source unusual wines from selected small family owned vineyards, so you will get something different and special here. Clink glasses and toast to togetherness in an Italian dining room where love is always in the air!


After all that wining and dining, you might be up for a bit of a shindig on your date night. The King’s Head pub in the heart of Galway City’s Latin Quarter provides live music every night of the week. Step in here and you are stepping into 800 years of history. 

King's Head Pub, Galway

There has been a building on this site since the 13th Century. The building is strongly connected to the execution of King Charles I in 1649, following Cromwell’s siege of Galway led by Colonel Peter Stubbers. Several tales abound, but it is thought that this is the man who beheaded the King.

In Later years, Stubbers became the Mayor of Galway, living in the house which is now The King’s Head Pub. You’ll find lots of memorabilia and history here when you visit the pub. Including an original medieval fireplace dating back to 1612. History aside, The King’s Head is a buzzing pub teeming with Galway life from visitors and residents. All enjoying their favourite pint and tapping their toes to the live gigs which take place here nightly. Finish your  date night in the liveliest of ways, in a building which has brought its diverse history right into the modern day! 


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