Calvey's Award Winning Achill Mountain Lamb Delivered Right to Your Door

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The delightful tastes of Calvey's Achill Mountain Lamb can be delivered right to your door with their latest enticing offer!  

Achill Island, just off the coast of Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland is home to Calvey's Achill Mountain Lamb, a long established family business producing succulent cuts of Irish Lamb. Headed up by Martina Calvey, Achill Mountain Lamb rear the famous Mayo Black Faced Mountain Sheep. All processing of the lamb is done directly by Calvey Farm with the process being a calm and stress free experience for the animals. Everything is done by hand, from removal of fleeces to evisceration and butchering. Achill Mountain Lamb is supplied as a chilled product, ready for the freezer at home. Achill Mountain Lamb is available seasonally from June to Christmas. It has 100% traceability to Achill Island. Available to the trade and catering industry and to consumuers, in whole or half lambs, butchered and boxed. 

Achill Mountain Lamb are reared with the unique grazing environment of Achill Island. From the heather of the hills to the seaweed covered shores, Calvey's Achill Mountain Lamb has the taste of this enticing mix of flavours that will make your dining experience all the better! 

With the lamb season in full swing, Calvey's are now giving consumers at home the opportunity to stock up for winter by purchasing a full Achill Mountain Lamb Carcass that will be fully butchered, bagged and labelled, ready for your chest freezer. This will be at a cost of €119.00 plus €15.00 for delivery. Delivery is free when you order two. 

Discover more about Calvey's Achill Mountain Lamb on their Good Food Ireland profile page here.  

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