Atlantis Seafoods Awarded to the Good Food Ireland Collection

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Wexford based producer Atlantis Seafoods has recently been awarded into the Good Food Ireland Collection. Atlantis Seafoods joins a large group of fellow food & drink producers, hotels, cafes, restaurants and cookery schools who prioritise the use of Irish ingredients in their establishments. 

The freshest of fish reaches your plate when you purchase from Atlantis Seafoods. Located in the sunny south east in Co. Wexford, Atlantis Seafoods was founded by John and Mark O’Connor and John Kenny. Combined they have 50 years’ worth of experience in the seafood industry, their skills and knowledge have made Atlantis Seafoods the success story that it is today. 

Atlantis Seafoods pride themselves on the ability to offer the freshest of catches to their clients. Located on the Rosslare Road, they have the enviable position of being just a few minutes’ drive from Kilmore Quay Port. Each day landings come in with the daily catches and Atlantis work with fishermen to select the freshest top quality locally caught fish.  

From here the catch is brought to Atlantis Seafood’s premises. The wide selection of fish obtained is skilfully prepared by filleting, boning, scaling, breading and portioning off. A smoking facility is also at hand to provide that unique and desirable taste of smoked products. Fish and shellfish are ready for consumption allowing you to get down to the fun cooking without the hassle of the prep. Atlantis’ team of fishmongers also make sure to approach preparation as sustainably as possible, ensuring a maximum yield with a minimum amount of waste. 

Discover more about Atlantis Seafoods on their Good Food Ireland profile page here.

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