6 Splendid Recipes for Pancake Tuesday

6 Splendid Pancake Recipes for Pancake Tuesday, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Lent is looming. Abstinence beckons. Pancake Tuesday marks the eve of the Lenten period, when historically, all the rich foods in the house, like eggs and milk, would be used up in readiness for fasting before the Christian celebration of Easter. 

Making pancakes was the most common way to do this, and the tradition has stuck. The day to toss a pancake or two is upon us! You might be a pancake purist, who prefers a simple pancake batter, cooked and served with lemon and sugar. There are those who choose to adorn their pancakes with rich chocolate sauce and nuts, mixed berry compote and natural yogurt, or maple syrup and bacon. The list of toppings is endless. 

Pancake Tuesday, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Check out these 6 splendid recipes that will make you flippin happy on Pancake Tuesday! 

Sweet Pancakes 

The traditional pancake is accompanied by castor sugar and some lemon juice. While there are many who attest that this is the only way to eat pancakes, there is a growing demand for more how we say 'intricate' pancake accompaniements. From ricotta pancakes accompanied by mixed berries and yoghurt to maple syrup and even the ever growing in popularity buttermilk pancakes, you're bound to be licking your lips with this range of sweet pancake recipes! 

Buttermilk and Poppy Seed Pancakes, Ballymaloe Cookery School, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Savoury Pancakes 

In recent years there has been a move towards a more savoury pancake type. The taste and ingredients included in making pancakes allow for it to be accompanied by a variety of great tasting foods. From the straightforward and ever popular ham and cheese filling to a delightful smoked salmon and creme fraiche, there's plenty that you can liven up your pancakes today! Check out these super savoury pancake recipes below from Good Food Ireland providers. 

Pancake and Smoked Salmon Rolls, Burren Smokehouse, Co. Clare, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

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