12 Mile Valentine's Menu at Sage Restaurant, Midleton, Co. Cork

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This Valentine's Day you can enjoy Sage Restaurant's 12 Mile Valentine's Day Menu. All ingredients are sourced within a 12 mile radius. A romantic meal produced using top local Irish ingredients, the perfect way for food lovers celebrate Valentine's Day! 

Sage Restaurant and the innovative 12 Mile Menu are all attributed to Chef Kevin Aherne who entered the culinary world early on. While travelling through Australia and America Kevin worked in kitchens, this helped develop his love of food. At the tender age of 24, Kevin returned to his native Midleton, Co. Cork, where he realised his dream of opening his own restaurant, thus Sage Restaurant was born. This natural born chef has style and flair no cookery course could ever teach him. Couple that with a dedication to supporting local produce and producers and you have a recipe for success.

At Sage Restaurant, Kevin’s menu changes frequently and is totally dependent on what’s available. The best of local and seasonal is on offer here at lunch and dinner six days a week. Micro-local is the philosophy, with a 12 mile menu always in operation. For Valentine's Day, there is no exception, as Kevin and his dedicated team have created a wonderful Valentine's 12 Mile Menu that will delight couples on February 14th. Featuring a variety of dishes, this menu truly is a showcase of the wealth of great produce that Sage Restaurant has available at their finger tips. You can view the 12 Mile Valentine's Menu in full here. 

Dining times are as follows: 

Early Evening: 5:30pm – 6:30pm ~ 3 courses €35

Evening: 7:00pm – 9:00pm ~ 3 courses €45 

You can book your table by contacting Sage Restaurant directly.

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