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Unique Quality Endorsement

Good Food Ireland® is the only licensed quality endorsement, giving standout and recognition to food service providers and food and drink producers in the island of Ireland that meet strict provenance criteria around the use of Irish ingredients in their produce and cuisine. It creates a sustainable economy and contributes to the livelihood of local communities.

Trust and recommendation are what we have built our reputation on since 2006. Unlike other signs you may only display the Good Food Ireland® sign while you are an approved member. But Good Food Ireland® is much more than a recognised quality standard, it offers a marketing partnership with access to an engaged global audience of food lovers, leisure and business travellers.

Once you meet the criteria through onsite inspection, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred marketing programme as outlined below.

Why Join Us?

Good Food Ireland® gives assurance to tourists and locals alike and directs them to our approved food service providers and producers that showcase our island’s indigenous ingredients. Through our network, we connect chefs with farmers, food producers and fishermen to support the development of sustainable local sourcing. We are an all island network, from which chefs, producers and food lovers globally can share in Ireland’s local culinary and cultural identity.

If you meet the quality criteria, we invite you to join our like-minded network. Please fill out the form below or call us on +353539158693. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trust Guarantee



Marketing & Promotion


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3 Step Application Process


Initial Contact

Registration and Completion of Online Assessment, Meet the Requirements



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Achieve Approval & Unique Trustmark

Please be advised that receipt of application does not automatically guarantee approval. Good Food Ireland’s decision is final and confidential to Good Food Ireland.

The collected data is used by Good Food Ireland to process your application and any future business. In accordance with the General Data Protection Rules 2018 regarding personal data protection and Good Food Ireland’s Privacy Policy, you have the right to access, rectify or ask for the deletion of your data by writing to Read Good Food Ireland’s terms and conditions and privacy policy


+ Who is eligible to be approved?

Membership of Good Food Ireland is open to all businesses in the island of Ireland that have a core commitment to using Irish ingredients and are passionate about consistently delivering a quality, genuine, authentic taste and experience. It is limited only by businesses’ ability to meet the standards. All businesses no matter how large or small may apply. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you.

+ What are the fees?

There are no fees associated with the initial registration and assessment of your business. However, businesses that successfully reach approval endorsement and are licensed to use the Good Food Ireland trustmark pay a fee. This is based on a tiered programme model according to the business size and type and their preferred sales and marketing services.

+ What is the Criteria?

Good Food Ireland core values and standards are based on a core commitment to using Irish ingredients and thus, must:

  1. Provide a superior food and/or drink offering or its supply
  2. Have a commitment to local, artisan & indigenous produce
  3. Respect the seasonality of food and culinary traditions
  4. Prioritise in house cooking/production
  5. Highlight the link with local/artisan producers 
  6. Offer an Irish ingredient led food and/or drink experience

+ What do we need from you?

  • Trust & Honesty
  • Respect and love of your food and/or drink
  • Knowledge of origin and the manufacturing process 
  • Genuine Trustworthy Authenticity
  • Consistency & Dedication
  • Pride and participation in the Good Food Ireland like-minded network