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What started with a mission to bring together Ireland's premium agri-food and tourism businesses, to promote local authentic food in tourism, has blossomed into a trip planning business focused on highlighting Ireland as a world class food travel destination with a vibrant culinary and food scene.
Founded in 2006, Good Food Ireland® is the quality guarantee for everyone who simply loves good food. Our premium collection, linking agri-food and tourism hospitality businesses, brings together farmers, food producers and fishermen, gourmet accommodation, pubs, cafes, cookery schools and speciality food shops. All have met strict criteria, through independent inspection and approval, based on premium standards and a shared philosophy for using indigenous local food, prior to being welcomed to the Good Food Ireland family of members.
Ten years on, 2016 will see the launch of our trip planning - Good Food Ireland Tours & Experiences and a new online Gourmet Gift Store.
A Brief History

The vision of Margaret Jeffares, herself a farmer and food producer and with extensive tourism marketing experience, was to bring together Ireland’s agri-food sector, farmers, food producers and fishermen and link them with the tourism hospitality sector, chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers to develop a vibrant food tourism scene for Ireland, creating commercial opportunity for both sectors. In November 2006, Margaret crafted a brand standard, Good Food Ireland, which would bring about an all island collaborative network for the development of food tourism and become the home for authentic local food experiences in the island of Ireland. Good Food Ireland has for the last ten years pioneered the development of Ireland’s food tourism.

Laying the foundation

Food and tourism businesses all over the island, as well as key influential leaders, came on board and encouraged the future of Good Food Ireland’s development. It was paramount that Good Food Ireland would have strict entry criteria, based on a commitment to using and highlighting indigenous Irish ingredients. Independent inspection ensures that standards are met and that Good Food Ireland is a quality guarantee for everyone who simply loves good food. 

Benefits to Ireland's Agri-food and Tourism

Since its foundation Good Food Ireland has provided collaborative advantage to numerous businesses resulting from their co-operation. It has created opportunities for B2B sales and for individuals to learn from their peers and to gain knowledge from the experiences of each other. To further strengthen relationships numerous events over the years have been undertaken at home and overseas which also led to increased business awareness and previously unexplored commercial opportunity for the businesses involved.

Good Food Ireland also represented on many occasions the first direct experience of Ireland’s food and drink for consumers through our international showcases with the country’s government agencies. This also presented a significant opportunity in the promotion of Ireland itself. Creating market presence for increased consumer exposure for agri- food and tourism hospitality businesses, has translated for them into increased sales, directly benefiting Ireland’s local economy, creating employment and business diversification opportunities.

 In 2012 a Grant Thornton Business Insights Survey reported 92% of the businesses promoted by Good Food Ireland increased their purchasing of local food produce over the previous 3 years, which contributed in the region of 50 million to Ireland’s local economy. In 2013 it was reported that this had grown to 97% over the previous twelve months. Agri-food and Tourism’s distinctive contribution to local economies and growing international footprint ensures that Good Food Ireland is now firmly positioned at the heart of Ireland’s economic journey.

Sustainable Food Tourism

Good Food Ireland is committed to contributing to sustainable food tourism benefiting local communities and safeguarding the future livelihoods of local people. We encourage our customers to respect our local way of life, the integrity of our local cultures and their social institutions, to conserve plants and animals, protected areas and landscapes and comply with local, national and international laws and regulations. Good Food Ireland works closely with business partners, government agencies and other organisations to support a sustainable future for our country. As the industry continues to develop and grow, Ireland is embracing a strategic framework where environmental protection and economic competitiveness are equal and complementary; one will not be achieved without the other. Good Food Ireland is embedded in local communities across our island. Our future as an island begins in the earth beneath us and the sea around us. 

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister

"Good Food Ireland really is a brand of quality across everybody and those who are in this business have a responsibility to see that our standards are seen to be the highest that there is" 




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